for babes born wild


"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." - Buddha

Hello! I'm Cayla Mae Singer. I am a self-taught seamstress who recently moved back home to Washington with my son Zane, to be with family. I like to implement gentle parenting, and letting my child have choices. I am as natural-as-can-be single mama to my four year-old little Z. Without him, I would have never thought to create this business, nor have the motivation or creativity to expand and grow. I've fallen in love with life as a mama and instead of letting the term "single mom" define and break me, I've let it create me. I have so much love, happiness and beauty to share with him. I'm dedicated to cultivating a loving space for my business and baby to thrive in. Everyday is new. Everyday has beauty and joy in it. It's my job to find that beauty and share it with my beautiful son; he truly inspires me to create and to be humble.

Aside from my son who is my main source of inspiration, I also soak up inspiration from my background  as a certified yoga instructor and reiki student. As a working, stay-at-home mama I find it to be a necessity to take time away for just baby and me. Mommy and me yoga is a perfect place to breathe, let go, and teach my son the beauty of consciously taking care of the mind, body, spirit and soul. I get to share and pass down this passion of mine to my son and allow it to open up my creativity as well relieve stress for my business. Having balance in my life is very important to me and I work at it daily.

I have always been a huge supporter and lover of handmade! When I purchase something "handmade" I know I'm supporting someone else's true passion. Before opening Born Savage, I ran another small business called "Mae Vintage Point" on Etsy, selling vintage clothing. My granny embedded in me anything vintage. This mentally has stuck with me. My love for fashion and trend setting attire meshing with the overpowering love of being a mother has flared up my creativity, and led me down this path. I am an individual who wants to turn ideas and inspiration into tangible items that people enjoy, and I want to earn an income from it – all while staying at home to care for my child. I want to be my own boss, and I want to make my short time on this Earth meaningful on my own terms. That is the joy of being a maker.

I started Born Savage in February 2014. The word "savage" to me means wild, untamed and animalistic to the core. I believe that we are all born this way and it is up to us, as the parents, to show our children the way of the world. To be kind and have manners; to have respect, do good and share those positive vibrations; to love so big. Born Savage not only represents well-handmade baby leggings but also honors the wild and savage side that our little's are naturally born with.

Since opening up my business, I have been able to expand from only making leggings! Born Savage also now carries authentic Baltic amber teething necklaces, and some other on occasion handmade items! Staying creative makes me a better me. 

All my products are made with lots of love, surged seams for durability, high-quality fabrics, and 100% organic fabrics. Each pair of leggings/shorts/harems made have elastic waistbands with the option for added cute cuffs! I use a Singer and two Brother sewing machines/sergers to create all of these rad threads.

Without the immense support I have received from my family I would not be able to be living this dream of being a momprenuer! Thank you to all of you who have supported me thus far, I love to see your little's looking fly in their threads made by me! It is important to me that you, as my customer, know how much I appreciate and value each and every purchase!